See The Emotional Moment A Mother Learns Her Son Will Receive A Life-Saving Heart Transplant

This moment was a long time coming.

For most of his life, 13-year-old Albert Jeffries IV has been visiting UNC Children's Hospital due to complications from dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart condition he was born with. According to ABC11, Alj, as the Burlington, North Carolina teen likes to be called, had been in a hospital waiting 100 days for the transplant that would save his life.

Last Wednesday that all changed when his mother, Tina Turner, received a call, which she tells CNN the family has been waiting for for over a decade.


Watch his mother's emotional reaction in the video below:

According to ABC News, Alj told his mother that he would like some space so she went to a nail salon. While at the salon, she received a call from her son saying that the nurses weren't feeding him anymore. She contacted the hospital and discovered her son wasn't being fed because he was getting prepped for heart surgery.

Turner returned to the hospital as soon as she could to share the wonderful news with Alj.

"They got my heart?"

Despite Alj's excitement over getting a new heart and a new life — doctors expect him to make a full recovery — the teen realizes the consequences getting a new heart.

"I'm going to be really sad, because some little kid will have had to have sacrificed their life for me, and I don't want that to happen," Alj told ABC11. "But it's the only way I can live."

Turner agrees that the situation is sad, but says they are "so grateful" for their son's gift of life and knows first-hand how important it is to be an organ donor. Both her and her son are signed up as organ donors.

Alj's surgery was a success and his mother asks for prayers for the teen as he continues his road to recovery.

Sign up here to become an organ donor and potentially help people like Alj. 

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