This Bride Trashed Her Dress During Her Wedding Photoshoot But It Was Totally Worth It

We hope the champagne didn't freeze.

Love melts frozen hearts. Or Alaskan glaciers, if you will.

These stunning wedding images, taken on top of the Alaska's Knik Glacier, validate our point. The photoshoot was arranged by Josh Martinez, Anchorage-based photographer, pilot and adventure junkie. Together with the bride and groom, Martinez took a helicopter and ventured into the azure and snowy landscapes of Southcentral Alaska.

The day they will never forget.

Martinez told A+ he's been clinging to make a photoshoot in the Alaskan glacier pools for a while now. After flying over the glaciers and exploring their mesmerizing beauty, he waited for the right client to come along.

When this adventurous couple mentioned they want something extreme for their wedding photoshoot, he took the shot immediately.

"We lucked out on the weather! It was a perfect day, calm winds. If you're going to pick a day to wade in to a freezing glacial melt, this was a pretty darn good day to do it," Martinez told A+.

The kiss surrounded by blindingly white snow and Windex blue Alaskan ice pools looks almost surreal.

According to the photographer, the couple was up for all his ideas. Even wading knee-deep into the glacial pool which totally destroyed bride's wedding gown.

Martinez, who works for Chugach Peak Photography, has been shooting weddings for more than 4 years now and always pushes the limit. "When I get to work with clients who are willing to go the extra mile with me, that's when I can create something special," Martinez told A+.

"Work closely with a great photographer you can trust and be sure to give them at least an hour or two for portraits," he says.

Martinez said he often finds himself in extreme situations, taking helicopters, planes, boats, snow machines or whatever it takes to access the wanted location and pull off the shot he has in mind. He explained one of the craziest experiences for him was photographing the Northern Lights: "Temps frequently drop below -20° and it's a struggle to keep all your limbs working properly, not to mention the gear!"

(H/T: PetaPixel)

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