17 Images Of Exploding Objects That You Won't Believe Could Be Made

The best photo "shoot" ever.

When Alan Sailer photographs images of everyday objects, he uses his camera and his pellet gun. That's because he is using a very quick flash to record the exact moment when he fires a pellet at the objects.

"My high-speed work is only unusual in that you don't see much work done at the very fast flash speed I use," Sailer told Astrum People. "So I have some idea of how to go about making things look interesting."

Sailer's photographs show the beauty in seeing an object explode. Here are 17 of Sailer's photographs that you have to see to believe:


1. Coloring time is over.

2. The explosion of candy.

3. So quick you can't even believe it.

4. Even the dinosaur can't believe it.

5. There goes this delicious snack.

6. Even this eye can see how awesome this looks.

7. Snowmen don't last forever.

8. Oh noooo!

9. You weren't going to eat that, were you?

10. This one is appealing.

11. All you can do is smile at this one.

12. Frame this one and call it art.

13. A colorful burst.

14. It doesn't get any better than this.

15. Candy never looked this good.

16. An energy drink gets a beautiful combustion.

17. The Easter Bunny would be proud.


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