This Baby's Photoshoot Didn't End So Well (Or Clean) For Dad

Now that's a warm welcoming.

When new British dad Al Ferguson decided to have a family photoshoot for his newborn, he certainly didn"t expect ending up in the headlines all over the world.

Al and his wife had arranged a session with photographer Kirsty Grant to capture the beauty of their four-day-old son, Ted. According to Ferguson, their baby was blissfully sleeping throughout the whole process. His serenity suggested the parents to make an attempt at catching a lovely shot of the baby draped over dad's arm, like a tiny chimpanzee.

Here's Al, a proud new dad totally unsuspecting what his little newborn son is up to.


Everything was going well and the photographer snapped the wanted shot, when all of a sudden Al felt a tense in the baby's stomach. He says he knew immediately what was going to happen...

And it did.

The second after the great shot above came what Al calls, the projectile poo launch.


The unplanned event was perfectly captured on camera. Ferguson later referred to it as THE best newborn baby picture taken but the first reaction wasn't so joyous:

"I went through a whole host of thoughts. Firstly for the shaggy carpet, secondly my arm, thirdly sheer hysterics, fourthly what I should do with him and lastly more laughter," he told Mashable.

According to TODAY, Al and his wife's baby photoshoot was inspired by the sleeping, naked baby style, widely popular in the 1980s and 90's. However, as Ferguson stated on his blog, The Dad Network, he is pretty sure no one could rival their original baby pic.

(H/T: Mashable)

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