Princess Belle Was Moved To Tears During The African Children's Choir Performance At Disneyland

And it's sure to move you, too.

In a touching moment at Disneyland, the 45th African Children's Choir brought Princess Belle to tears. 

Video footage of the choir's acapella performance shows the group singing directly to a woman dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, showcasing their breathtaking voices and joyful dance moves while the princess holds her hands close to her heart.

Lydia Sherwood, a spokeswoman for the choir, tells The Huffington Post that Belle was not the only one moved by the moment, reporting that "[people] were amazed at how well the children sang with confidence, joy and beautiful harmonies."

According to their website, the touring choir is one that "[represents] all the children of a continent and they demonstrate the potential of African children to become strong leaders for a better future in their land."

The group's history includes building children's homes for the orphaned, establishing literacy schools in Uganda, and a "sponsorship arm where all of the educational needs of these children could continue through secondary school, and in most cases, the children went on to higher education."


The video from Disneyland, posted on the group's Facebook page, has been viewed more than 900,000 times to date, with 15,000 likes and thousands of shares.

"It made me cry," one commenter writes beneath the video. "Simply out of this world."

For the full performance, check out the full video below:

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