How Many Of These Brand Logos Could You Draw From Memory?

The guy who describes and draws the Amazon logo is spot-on.

Most people have no problem identifying common brands just by their logo and that's no accident: companies spend a lot of time and energy with marketing teams building unique and recognizable logos in order to make them instantly recognizable.

In fashion, consumers often look for obviously branded products: the interlocked Gs of the Gucci logo and the famous LV monogram of Louis Vuitton are just two examples of how brands utilize the power of branding-as-status-signifier to appeal to consumers. It's not just luxury fashion retailers who do this, however. Brands such as Nike, Polo, Lacoste, and Adidas all have instantly recognizable branding through the power of logos.

We're not free from the power of branding when we step outside the realm of what we wear. Every successful company in America, from fast-food to fast coffee, has found a way to visually brand itself with logos. The power of branding is so powerful that even if a company were to change its name but not its logo, chances are pretty good that you'd be able to recognize them

This fascinating video by Adweek takes a look at another side of that recognizability. Rather than asking people to identify companies by their logo, it sent a team out into the streets of New York City and asked people to draw the logos of various companies. 

The result is interesting. Check out the video below:


How would you do? Off the top of your head, could you draw the NBC peacock? How about the Lacoste alligator? The Domino's pizza domino? 

What do you think of logos? Do you wear them? Hate them? Let us know in the comments on Facebook. 


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