11 Things We (Accidentally) Teach Our Little Sisters To Be Scared Of

#8 is so real.

Big siblings play a huge role in how their little sisters see the world, even if those younger ones don't want to admit it. It's easy to forget how influential your habits are though, and it's super important to keep in mind how much what you say shapes girls and women younger than you. With that in mind, here are some of the unnecessary anxieties a lot of us end up passing down to younger siblings. Learning to overcome some of these fears often boils down to practicing better self-love and growing to command an unapologetic place in the world.


1. Unibrows.

And body hair in general. It's natural, it's there, the world can deal.

2. Being called "bossy."

Claim your space in the world, girl.

3. Cellulite.

Everyone's got it, it's non-lethal, everyone just chill.

4. Math and science.

Plenty of girls and young women naturally love math, science, and engineering, but learn to get intimidated by it as they hear people always talking about how hard it is. Pay attention to the language you use when talking about STEM subjects. Painting STEM as an opportunity for exploration instead of a source of intimidation could make a huge difference.

5. Stretch marks.

Never apologize for growing.

6. The Freshman 15.

She has enough to worry about when she starts college. Like, you know, college.

7. Frizz.

This is especially important if frizzy hair starts getting into "bad hair" territory. Your and her hair have a natural, beautiful texture and should never be a source of stress or shame.

8. Failure.

People who are petrified of failure are less inclined to take risks. They also have a harder time bouncing back from failure. Show your lil sis learning the hard way is just another way to learn.

9. Scars.

Your skin isn't some delicate canvas you're supposed to devote a significant chunk of your time and energy to not marring. It's an organ with a job to do. Scars tell stories, so be proud of what your skin has to say.

10. Being unladylike.

Policing femininity is some bullsh*t. Tell her to feel free to curse like an old, drunken sailor if anyone tries to do that to her.

11. Carbs.

Well maybe really hot pizza. Grease burns can hurt.


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