13 Pieces Of Advice All High School Students Should Hear

Be kind. No one looks back on high school and wishes they were more of a jerk.

Being a high school student can be both stressful and fun. High school is where you start to really learn what your passions are, and is a place to develop meaningful friendships. It's where you start to mature, learn who you are, and some important life skills. But it's also the place where you can be subjected to peer pressure, embarrassment, and shaming. It's easy to get caught up in what other people think, or who you think you should be, look like, and hang out with. 

High school is a time when you'll make plenty of mistakes. There's certainly no handbook that tells you how to do it perfectly,. but you can learn from those who have been there before you. 


Today, one Reddit user asked the community to respond to the question, "What is some advice for a freshman in highschool?

While the question specifically asked for advice for freshman students, much of the advice is valuable throughout the rest of high school, too. From really focusing on your academics, to spending your time lifting up your classmates instead of trying to bring them down, these Redditors have the right idea on how to make high school as valuable an experience as possible. 

We rounded up some of our favorite words of wisdom and shared them below. 

1. Friends are about quality, not quantity. A few good friends is better than tons of acquaintances.

2. Ask for help when you need it.

3. Don't procrastinate doing homework. It's not worth it.

4. Load up on college level classes that'll help you graduate from undergrad earlier.

5. Don't be afraid to try something new that you're interested in.

6. Develop healthy eating and exercising habits.

7. Actually learn to study well. It takes effort and practice, but it pays off.

8. Use other resources to learn the important things school doesn't teach you.

9. Don't try to improve your self-esteem by bringing other people down.

10. Try to keep in mind that the things that seem to be the end of the world in high school won't matter the minute you graduate.

11. Figure out what your passions are now. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start working towards them.

12. Be kind. No one looks back on high school and wishes they were more of a jerk.

13. You've got the rest of your life ahead of you. If things aren't the best now, they will be after high school.

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