9 People Reveal Their Best Advice For Avoiding Unnecessary Fights In A Relationship

For starters, avoid the words "never" and "always."

Have you ever been in the midst of a fight with your partner only to realize all the things either of you could have done to prevent it from being blown out of proportion? Maybe you could've just done those dishes, or not said that thing, or apologized earlier. Some fights are, of course, unavoidable, but others can be avoided if you have the right tactics. 

Recently, Reddit user hardypart posted to the social media platform about this very issue writing, "Marriage counselors of Reddit, what are some points of friction in a marriage that can be avoided easily?

While the question specifically asked about avoiding friction in a marriage, much of the advice users gave can apply to anyone who's in a long-term relationship. In addition, many of the people who replied to the post admitted they aren't certified marriage counselors, but that they were speaking from their own experience. A lot of their advice seemed like pretty great ideas to us. 

We listed some of our favorite responses from the thread below:

1. Talk openly and honestly about money, debt, and credit.

2. If you're constantly fighting about the house being messy, consider a cleaning service.

3. Apologize early and often, but don't do it passive aggressively.

4. If you don't get along with your in-laws, set a reasonable time limit for your visit.

5. Talk to each other without any distractions. Schedule the time if you have to.

6. If your partner did something to hurt you, give them a chance to explain.

7. Avoid the words "never" and "always."

8. If you and your partner have different methods for doing things, don't write his or hers off as wrong. Instead, explain your methods to each other and try to come an agreement about which one makes the most sense.

9. Remember that being in a partnership means being part of a team.

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