Artist Shaves Half His Glorious Beard, Replaces It With The Most Mischievous Things

Hipsters, better hop on this before everyone else.

Now that beards have become the hippest man-accessory, it's hard to go about your day without catching eye of a fantastic bush of facial hair (strictly limited to a men only, because women don't grow hair anywhere other than on their heads, right?).

Not only does it hint at a beard owner's soaring levels of testosterone (we assume), it turns out that beards can also be a source of artistic inspiration.

Take art director Adriano Alarcon of Sao Paolo, for example. His project, entitled Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop, saw him shave off one side of his four-month-old beard for the sake of art. 


Alarcon filled the blank canvas that was his half-shaven face with various objects ...

Food stuff ...

And, um, creatures.

Best of all, Alarcon did all of this with no help from Photoshop.

See more of his riveting images here:

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