9 Guys Confess What They Love Most About Their Girlfriends

No. 9 is perfect.

There are certain things that we find endearing about our significant others that other people might not find very significant at all. These are things that come with knowing someone, the things that make us fall in love — or at least remind us why we fell in love — with them a little more every day. These aren't the grand pillars of romance, nor are they the stuff of epic novels. There's little poetry or passion in the small things of love. They do not possess the "sweet unrest" of Keats nor do they "walk in beauty like the night" in the universe of Byron. 

The small things of love occupy a much richer place in the hearts of lovers. They take up the corners and spaces reserved only for the ones who are nearest to us. There is no need to shout these things to the world — they belong to solely to the couples who know, appreciate and adore them.

That's why these selections from Whisper are so moving: they reflect the little things, the things that go unnoticed by everyone else, but make the hearts that know them skip a beat. 

Here are some of the adorable things that guys love about their girlfriends.

1. Is there a better word in love than "we?"

I love when my girlfriend says "we" and she

2. Of course you do.

I secretly love when my GF is scared during a horror movie and I have to comfort her

3. Even when buying shoes.


4. Just don't play with fire.

I love it when my girlfriend gets jealous over me. It

5. A kind heart.

Whenever my girlfriend sees a stray kitten she always has to take it home, feed it, and bring it to a shelter. It

6. When someone makes you feel as excited about tomorrow as today, it's magic.

I love hearing my girlfriend talk about our future. It

7. Sometimes it's good to be the little spoon.

Sometimes when my girlfriend is in a deep sleep, she rolls over and becomes the big spoon. I secretly love it.

8. Joy is contagious.

I love when my girlfriend giggles. When I hear her laugh, I can

9. This.

I love it when my gf comes over and slips into bed with me without waking me up and we just sleep. Waking up to her face makes me so happy I could cry.

For more confessions, please check out the Whisper app. 

(Cover photos: Wikimedia | Pixabay)

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