Adele's Face On Every Pokémon Is The Mash-Up You Never Asked For But Can't Look Away From

"We Could Have Caught 'Em All"

As a worldwide phenom, Adele is subject to a seemingly endless stream of parodies and mash-ups of her music. She's a pretty good sport about it, though, even getting in on the fun herself whenever she visits a daytime or nighttime talk show. Ellen DeGeneres alone got the artist to sing her voicemail to the tune of "Hello" and prank a Jamba Juice. Adele is fun, people.

So fun, in fact, that just her face can spice up any video — even a beloved classic like the original Pokémon theme song. Somehow, someway, a Youtube user by the name of Goldram came up with the idea to mash up her hit "Rolling in the Deep" with the iconic cartoon's opening tune, and replace each Pokémon's face with Adele's. The result is not only exceedingly bizarre, but also hilarious and a true testament to the range of emotions she's capable of conveying.

In case you're wondering, no, the singer didn't come up with this idea herself or endorse it in any way. If she's seen it, she probably thinks the video is just as weird as you do. Having said that, both you and her probably will feel a disturbing inability to look away as soon as you lay eyes on it.

Presenting: Adele as every Pokémon. Enjoy.

Cover image: Goldram via YouTube


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