Adele Plays Matchmaker And Gets Indecisive Guy To Say Yes To Girlfriend’s Marriage Proposal Mid-Show

Helloooo from on the stage.

Adele can add this to her list of accomplishments for 2016.


During the first show of her 25 Tour in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a woman needed the singer's help to get her annoying and indecisive boyfriend Neil to say yes to her marriage proposal.

The woman proposed earlier in the day and he said, "Maybe, in a lil' while."

Really, guy?

Therefore, Adele paused mid-show to invite the woman on stage.

Adele wasn't simply going to take "maybe" as an answer, and even got the crowd to start chanting in order to coax the boyfriend into saying "yes."

Go Adele! Cheers.

Watch it happen below:


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