Adele's 'Hello' Totally Makes Sense When Google Translate Tackles Its Lyrics

"Welcome to the party!"

Google Translate is a handy service and it continues to get better, but as performer Malinda Kathleen Reese likes to remind us, it's far from perfect.

The singer, actress, dancer, and YouTube star is back with the latest video in her popular series, "Google Translate Sings." In it, she feeds the songs you know and love into the program to translate them to other languages, then has them re-translated back into English. 

The results are often confusing, regularly cringe-worthy, and always uproariously hilarious. 

True, as more languages are added to Google Translate, the service is making written and spoken communication easier across cultures. But when Reese had Google Translate take on Adele's wildly popular hit, "Hello," let's just say things went as predictably as they were supposed to.

And we love it!


Watch the video below to hear the crazy lyrics Google Translate delivered:

The song still has the same intensity and meaning, yes?

OK, maybe not. And while we may tease Google Translate a bit, we still appreciate the product and look forward to the day we can speak to anyone regardless of dialect.

Be sure to let us know what your favorite translated "Hello" lyric is in the comments.

Cover image: Melinda Kathleen Reese via YouTube


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