Adele’s Reaction When She Mixes Up Her Lyrics Sums Up Why We Love Her So Much

Even queens make mistakes.

During a concert in Manchester, England, Adele found herself singing the wrong lyrics to her song "Million Years Ago."


Once she realized she was singing the wrong words to her song on the 25 album, Adele reacted in a way that only a queen of pop could.

Instead of folding under pressure, Adele made light of the situation by cheerily owning up to it.

She stopped the song and blurted out, "Shit! Wrong words! Shit, shit, shit."

Forgetting the lyrics or mixing up your own songs is perhaps one of the worst fears live performers have, but as Adele goes to show, it's all about how you deal with your mistakes.

You are forgiven. We could never be mad at you, not even for a moment. Watch below:

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