Adele Reveals Her Favorite Curse Words While Playing '5 Second Rule' With Ellen

She also shared her favorite hangover cures.

Last week, Adele gave the people what they want, which is just more reasons to love her. She appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she recorded a silly voicemail, played a hilarious prank with Ellen's help, and beautifully performed her song "When We Were Young." 

What home viewers didn't get to watch was the perfection that was Adele's game of "5 Second Rule" with Ellen. "We taped too much to fit into the show," Ellen explained. 

Lucky for us, Ellen knew she couldn't keep that quality entertainment from us completely, so she aired the segment during today's episode. In it, Adele shares her favorite curse words, three words for vaginas, and her tried-and-true hangover cures. 


Check out the video below to see what they are:

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