Watch Adele And Ellen DeGeneres Pull Off An Exceptionally Ridiculous Prank

"Can I have a large, but in a small cup?"

Love Adele? Well, you're about to love her even more.


The ten-time Grammy award winner joined Ellen DeGeneres for a little hidden-camera prank. DeGeneres had someone go into a Jamba Juice and pose as Adele's assistant. She told the employees that Adele was about to enter and would want to be treated like any normal person. Little did they know, Adele was about to act anything but normal. 

Equipped with an earpiece to hear DeGeneres' instructions, Adele walks up to the counter and says, "I'll take a Jamba Juice." 

Despite the fact that Adele hasn't actually asked for a menu item, the employee doesn't skip a beat. "What size?" he asks. 

Adele wants a large smoothie ... but in a small cup. 

Things just get more ridiculous from there. DeGeneres instructs her to pull scissors out of her purse, lean over the counter, and cut off some wheatgrass. She eats it, asks her fake assistant to brush her hair, and continues trying to order like everything is chill. 

Watch the absurdity unfold in the video below:


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