Adele's Hilarious Reaction To A Beetle On Stage In The Middle Of Her Concert Is All Of Us

"It's my No. 1 fan."

It's one thing to perform flawlessly in front of thousands of people. It's another thing to do it while a beetle's crawling up your leg. 

Midway through her Auckland, New Zealand, concert, Adele felt something crawling beneath her dress. The singer dropped to the floor to get it out before curling over and laughing at the entire situation.

"It was nibbling on my ankle that whole song," she says to the crowd over the microphone. "I wanted to say to you The Beatles were gone, and then I thought maybe they got swept up in my dress."

"It's coming back to haunt me. It's my No. 1 fan," she adds as a camera shows the little beetle hanging out on stage.

"Could someone get me some bug spray?" she says, apparently taking advice from concert-goers.

Twitter user Just a Mum has since posted a video of the hilarious (and relatable) incident to the platform, and fans have had the best reactions. (Warning: the video contains strong language.)


But seriously, Adele's reaction couldn't have been more perfect.

(H/T: Mashable)


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