These DIY Fluorescent Flowers Are A Perfect Summer Project

A brilliant upgrade!

Fluorescent colors have a strange way of making everything bright and happy. When these saturated colors are put under a blacklight, they come alive even more, glowing in a way that drab colors simply don't. But why is that?

ACS Reactions has broken down the science of fluorescence and how a blacklight essentially gives us the ability to see colors outside of our normal range of vision. Not only does this make college dorm rooms, nightclubs, and bowling alleys a more colorful place to be, but fluorescence has also been critical to getting a better understanding of biology, technology, health, and more.


As the video explained, pyranine electrifies ordinary objects when placed under a blacklight. While this does give you the power to kick up study time several notches while highlighting notes, it also gives us the ability to make ordinary flowers extraordinary.

Most children have experimented with coloring white flowers by adding food coloring to the water, but by harnessing the science of fluorescence, it's incredibly simple to create glowing flowers that make for a really cool gift or add another dimension to the decorations of a summer party.

Check out how it's done here:

Cover image: ACS Reactions

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