This Is The Tender Moment An Acid Attack Survivor Found Out She Will Be Modeling In NYFW

She has never even been out of India.


Fashion shows are all about the clothes, but the outfits don't need to be the only thing getting all the attention. Fashion can also be a powerful tool to help bring awareness to different causes, and that's just what's happening this year at New York Fashion Week

It was recently announced that acid attack survivor Reshma Bano will walk in the FTL Moda show at NYFW.

Bano was a victim of an acid attack in 2014 when her brother-in-law allegedly attacked her. She lost her left eye and her face was disfigured, and had to endure numerous treatments.

Bano has made headlines all over the world for campaigning against the sale of acid in India with Make Love Not Scars, an organization that helps support acid attack victims. 

She posted a powerful makeup tutorial video on the Make Love Not Scars YouTube channel about how buying lipstick is as easy as buying concentrated acid in India.

When Make Love Not Scars informed Bano she would be walking in New York Fashion Week, the 18-year-old was shocked — she had never even been outside India. In the video, she breaks down into tears before expressing her excitement over the news.

Having Bano walk at a high profile event like NYFW will bring further attention to an important cause.

In the Make Love Not Scars petition, they report there are approximately 1,000 acid attacks every year. Survivors of the attacks are left with permanent physical damage and difficult recoveries. 

We have previously seen fashion shows feature quadruple amputees and models with visible acne. These events have helped share different stories and create greater understanding.

When Bano hits the runway at the FTL Moda show, it will further draw attention to the these horrible acid attacks and it will hopefully contribute to stopping the sale of acid.

To find out more about how to help acid attack victims, please visit and

(H/T: NY Daily News)


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