Comics Show The Art Of Getting A Puppy When Your Partner's Just Not That Into It

"Still thinking about that dog?"

Calling all puppy-lovers: this one's for you.

Whether you have a dog or want a dog, we're sure many of you can relate to the painstaking process that comes with convincing other members of your household to let the pup in.

And in A.C. Stuart's hilarious set of comics entitled "Noob the Loser," one couple goes through such a journey, beginning with the female character spotting a dog on the street.

The comics then delve into a scenario in which she tries convincing her partner, Ben, to get a dog using a pros and cons list and some questionable statistics about dog-owners. 

In the end, the inevitable happens: Ben can't help but feel an overwhelming amount of love for the dog, developing "tears of joy" as he looks into the eyes of the little "monster."

"I love you," he says, concluding the all-too-relatable story. 

Be sure to check out more of Stuart's work on his Facebook page here.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)

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