This Guy Customized The Most Epic Christmas Lights Display Set To An AC/DC Song

Time to rock out.

If there's anything that's going to get you pumped for Christmas, it's this epic display of lights.

In Shepparton, Australia, Greg Jaeschke programmed his Christmas lights to flash and change colors to the beat and instrumentals of AC/DC's song, "Thunderstruck." There's even a figure, outlined in lights, that appears to sing the lyrics of the song from a window.

"I use controllers that I've customized myself," he told The Huffington Post. "I use off the shelf lights that I cut and extend wires to my controllers and then it's all computer controlled." 

Altogether, the lights show is a brilliant display of green, blue, white, and red lights, with fire shooting out from the roof for extra dramatic effect.

We can only assume that those driving past Jaeschke's home left with their jaws on the floor.

Check it out in full below:


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