25 Ridiculous TV Clichés You Wish Existed In Real Life. But They Don't And Probably Never Will.

Of course you're not seated next to that handsome stranger in the next aisle.

Ever caught yourself wondering how Carrie could afford all those Manolo Blahniks or how Joey paid his rent without even getting auditions? Why do villains talk to themselves out loud and how did Julia Roberts pull off three runaway weddings?

Yeah, we've had those exact same thoughts as well ...

But instead of searching for an explanation (which probably, most definitely, lies in the fact that it is a movie or a TV show after all), we decided to have more fun and rant about all the unrealistic expectations television has given us.

Check out our list of 25 absurd TV cliches that don't really exist in everyday life and be sure to suggest yours:


1. You always run into a person you do/don't want to meet at that time.

2. Bars and streets are never THAT crowded.

3. You can be friends with your ex and it's not weird. Thanks, New Girl ...

4. You never finish smoking the entire cigarette.

5. You work at a random, low-paying job, but can afford super-fancy things like swanky apartments and designer shoes.

6. Random relatives you've never met show up at your door.

7. No one's ever on Facebook the whole time. As if ...

8. Foreigners always have a slight British accent, regardless of where they come from.

9. Your boobs are always in shape.

10. Everything you say is a thoroughly crafted punchline.

11. Even if you're broke, you're always wearing something new.

12. Cars carrying celebrities ALWAYS park in front of wherever they are going, no matter how busy the streets may be.

13. Nobody ever says goodbye on phones. They just hang up. Finito.

14. Text messages show up in a huge font and there's never a conversation history.

15. Your doctor is a darn model.

16. You scheme out loud only for someone to overhear your nasty plans.

17. Everyone has so much time on their hands, it's like they're never at work.

18. You get stuck in a room or an elevator with someone you can't stand, but end up falling in love.

19. When you do something illegal, you're always caught and learn an important life lesson.

20. Your entire life is set to an awesome soundtrack.

21. Secrets can never be kept.

22. Guys show up outside your apartment with a boombox or a limo to tell you what a**holes they've been and how they want you back. 

23. You get a seat on a plane and it's next to some actually hot stranger.

24. People are able to run into someone's wedding, completely stop it and then have that person to drop a $40,000 reception and elope with you.

25. Pure happiness ... or does it?


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