23 Absurd Inventions From The Past That Prove People Were Always Insane

Why would you ever want to wear wood to the beach?!

Everyone is always super nostalgic for the past and whatever, but these inventions prove things were pretty weird. We're constantly making (and buying) weird sh*t today, so it's kind of comforting to know that our forefathers were just as ludicrous. 

Check out some of the most bizarre inventions from history below: 


1. Cigar umbrella

Special Contraption That Lets You Smoke In The Rain (1931)

2. Car attachment for walking dogs while you drive

Walking device for dogs while you drive your car

3. Vehicle that can travel on any terrain

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4. Car brooms

Anti-tire puncture brooms for car owners

5. Collar brush to clean kids' necks

Plastic collar brush designed to dry-clean a child’s neck while he played. No soap, no water required.

6. Cigarette pack holder that let's you smoke them all at once if you want

Cigarette Pack Holder. This adds extra cool, right? It can also hasten death

7. Dog restrainer

Dog Restrainer

8. Wooden swimsuits

Wooden Swimsuits

9. Family bicycle complete with sewing machine for mom

A Bicycle That Fits A Whole Family + Sewing Machine (1939)

10. Baby suspenders ... for parents

Baby Suspenders

11. Portable sauna

Portable sauna

12. Indoor skis

Indoor skis

13. Suspended cage for children to chill outside your window

Suspended Baby Cage

14. An isolator attached to oxygen that keeps out noise

The Isolator

15. Plastic snowstorm mask

Snowstorm Mask

16. Ice cube hangover cure mask

Hangover Mask

17. Stroller radio

Stroller Radio

18. Radio top hat

Radio Hat

19. Swimming aid made from bicycle tire material

Bicycle Tire Swimming Aid

20. Single (huge) wheel motorcycle

Single Wheel Motorcycle (1931)

21. A stroller to protect children from gas and other pollutants

Gas-Resistant Stroller

22. Mouthpiece that allows you to smoke two cigarettes at the same time

Mouthpiece Lets You Smoke Two Cigarettes At Once (1932)

23. Shovel for pedestrians car attachment to reduce injuries

Car With Shovel For Pedestrians

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