In One Facebook Photo, This Author Called Into Question Everything About Standardized Testing

Think the SATs aren't hard? You've got another think coming.

A children's author in the U.K. is empowering young students to look beyond traditional testing with a heartfelt message on Facebook.

Year 6 pupils in the U.K. (typically students around ages 10 and 11) are taking the math and English SATs in school this week. The tests have been controversial due to the stress and anxiety they can cause in children.

This year's test has been made more difficult than previous SATs, which has left many students in tears.

Abi Elphinstone was an English teacher before embarking on a career as a published author. As someone who personally received dozens of rejections from literary agents, she visits schools every week to speak to the students "about resilience, determination and grit."

Elphinstone saw that some students were concerned about taking the SATs, so she took the test herself and failed it. She said she scored 25 percent in math and 40 percent in English.

On May 11, Elphinstone shared her results with the help of a photo and an inspiring Facebook message.

"I am not on side with the English SATs test," she wrote. "It contains irrelevant and obscure information that does little to enrich a child's learning. Kids need to know the basic parts of speech - nouns, verbs, adjectives etc - to talk about a text analytically at GCSE. But time spent ramming modal verbs & subordinating conjunctives down their throats in Year 6 is time wasted. We run the risk of re-creating Dickens' Gradgrindian education system & a system that champions modal verbs over creativity and imaginative flair will never be a system that I can get behind)."


Elphinstone's Facebook post inspired author Kerry Drewery to post her take on the SATs as well.

A Plus reached out to Abi Elphinstone for comment.

(H/T: Mashable)


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