How #WrinkleTheVote Is Transferring One Film’s Success To This Year’s Midterm Elections

"We want to make sure they understand all the tools at their disposal."

Black Panther has become a phenomenon, not only for film but for culture as well. In fact, it resonated so much that the Electoral Justice Project decided to mobilize the film's audience in order to increase Black voter turnout at this year's midterms with its campaign #WakandaTheVote. Now the project, part of the Movement for Black Lives, hopes to build on the success of that campaign with another inspired by Disney's family blockbuster A Wrinkle in Time called #WrinkleTheVote.


Like #WakandaTheVote, #WrinkleTheVote is spurred by EJP's Kayla Reed, Jessica Byrd, and Rukia Lumumba. Also similar to their previous effort, the women wish to capitalize on A Wrinkle in Time's expected appeal to a diverse audience as a way help get more people registered.

"We believe that families will be at the movies and a lot of young adults who read this book as a child. The state of our democracy must be an inclusive conversation because it impacts us at every age," Reed said to Blavity in regard to the campaign. "We plan to register parents, teachers, babysitters while also exemplifying how young people can be engaged in the political process."

Seeing as A Wrinkle in Time is also about young people finding their inner warrior and using their light to fight against the darkness of the world, Reed also touched on how the campaign can set an example for youth. "We also know that children continue to be at the forefront of our movements and are currently leading an important conversation about gun violence. As they become adults we want to make sure they understand all the tools at their disposal to bring change to their communities and our society at large." 

For those looking to get involved in the initiative or host a #WrinkleTheVote registration event, they can simply text "warrior" to 91990 to receive information.

Though Black voter turnout was at an all-time high in the 2012 election, it declined by 4.7 percent in the 2016 election. With the 2018 midterm elections marking a crucial opportunity, campaigns like #WrinkleTheVote hope to rectify the drop-off, and mobilize communities to have more agency in picking the policies and politicians that will affect their lives. 

It seems getting the vote out this year is important to many movements as well. During March 14's nationwide school walkout, high school students in Brooklyn who were eligible to vote also had the opportunity to register at stations set up around the protest area, reported the New York Daily News.

(H/T: TheGrio)

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