Student's Touching Video Honors Grandparents' 70 Years Of Love After One Is Diagnosed With Alzheimer's

"You have to have a love affair with life."

For anyone who's ever been affected by Alzheimer's, you know that the disease is one that can change your entire world. 

So when Sam Maller's grandfather, Alfred Paley, was diagnosed, he created a touching video entitled A Life in Love to highlight his grandparents' "life in love for more than 70 years," according to the description on the video, uploaded to Vimeo

They "are living proof that love truly conquers all," Maller adds in the post. 

The short film is a beautiful walk down memory lane, featuring photos from years past, footage of their daily lives, and interviews with both Alfred and his wife, Sylvia. 

"If you want to know what love is — it's a want to be with people, with certain people, as much as you can," Alfred says. 

"You never stop being in love just because you're in this situation. I don't look at the things we can't do, I look at the things that we can do," Sylvia continues. "Because it's all an adventure, Sam. You have to have a love affair with life."

Set to music by Al Bernard, we're sure this incredibly moving, simple video is one that both Maller's grandparents and their entire family will treasure for a lifetime. 


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