Zach Braff Has Offered To Make Pizza For Gay Weddings, Under One Condition

We love it when he threatens us...

Back in 2012, Zach Braff tweeted this: 


Now, nearly three years later, our man is still tweeting promises (or should we call it a threat?) about gay marriage. In fact, he and his buddy Donald Faison recently made another big announcement:

This tweet has been heavily favorited and retweeted in a display of solidarity with these gentlemen and, more importantly, the gay community.

His offer to make pizza is a response to the outcry that followed when an owner of Walkerton, Indiana's Memories Pizza Parlor announced that she would not cater a wedding for a gay couple.  

The owner garnered a considerable amount of support of her own. In fact, a GoFundMe campaign was created in an effort "to relieve the financial loss endured by the proprietors' stand for faith." They raised more than $840,000 for the homophobic pizza shop.

Braff is no stranger to crowdfunding campaigns. But while donations are important, there are other ways to show support for marriage rights. Making sure a few members of the gay community have pizza at their weddings is a funny and effective way to raise awareness about this important cause.


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