He Was Just Named The World's Oldest Man, Says This Is The Secret To A Long Life


Yasutaro Koide, born on March 13, 1903, is 112 years old, according to The Associated Press

To put that into perspective: That's "the year that the Wright Brothers created the first ever successful airplane, and the year the debut Tour de France cycling race took place," Guinness World Records explains.

That was a long time ago indeed.


And on Friday, Guinness World Records recognized Koide as the world's oldest man.

According to AP, Koide was surrounded by family for a ceremony at a nursing home, where he received a plaque and a vase. 

"Koike was beaming but teary-eyed as those attending applauded," Ken Aragaki writes.

But what does Koide say is the secret to living a long life?

"The best thing is to not overdo," Koide tells AP. And "enjoying everything," too.

Additionally, The Japan Times reported on the death of the world's oldest person, a 117-year-old woman from Japan in April, saying she claimed "Eating delicious things is a key to my longevity."

Koide is well on his way to living as old as the oldest man ever, who lived to be 116, Guinness reports.

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