15 Spectacularly Unnecessary Things Your Home Definitely Needs


We have big dreams for our future mansions, and those dreams involve super extravagant features — the more unnecessary the better. Here are some items that are high on our "We'll know we've made it when..." checklist. They're definitely purchases we'll be making when we can finally afford our personal Versailles.


1. Ping-pong door.

Replace with mini-cannonballs if you want to use this as a weak, but impressive, home security system.

2. Swing-set dining table.

We'd use it as a conference table.

3. Compartmentalized bath tub.

When you can't agree on how many bubbles you want.

4. A swimmable bar.

Because it's important to be hydrated.

5. The never-ending bed for your never-ending naps.

Is there a fridge hidden somewhere in this thing?

6. A two-story closet.

This would be cool, but we'd happily settle for enough clothes to fill it.

7. Bathtub television.

We're not sure how this works exactly, but we'd be happy to figure it out.

8. Bathtub waterfall.

Probably not the best use of water, but maybe if you gather a couple friends at a time it'll be more efficient?

9. A creek for your hallway.

Because creeks are basically hallways for rivers, right?

10. Stained-glass door.

It's like having Instagram filters for when you check who's knocking!

11. Sleepover room.

When you want to fully embrace your identity as mush.

12. Library staircase slide.

Even without seeing the slide, we can already tell this is a personal injury lawyer's dream.

13. Loft hammock.

It's like laying in a spider web, minus the soul-rupturing terror of laying in a spider web!

14. Indoor-to-outdoor hot tub.

What weird animals will find their way into your house thanks to this nifty pond? There's only one way to find out!

15. Giant birdsnest.

The next logical purchase after this would be a servant/intern to feed you snacks, mama bird style.

(H/T Imgur user Darkandstormynight)

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