25 Absurd Products Only SkyMall Could Have Thought Of

All the things you never knew you needed — and still don't need.

We've all been on those long flights with nothing to do but look through SkyMall Magazine, tucked away in the seat's back pocket next to the barf bag. But when we flip through the pages, suddenly a world of magic opens up — a world where any problem, from our smallest to biggest inconveniences, can be solved with a product. Things we never knew we wanted or needed exist — and are for sale.

After filing for bankruptcy in January, the in-flight magazine was recently purchased by New Jersey-based firm C&A Marketing, which has pledged to make "dramatic changes" in the magazine. Fortunately, regardless of what these change are, SkyMall's memory will forever be preserved in a genius Tumblr called "The Very Best and Worst of SkyMall." 

The blog showcases the very best and worst of SkyMall, with brilliant captions accompanying them. Scroll down to enjoy some our favorite entries from this priceless collection.  


1. High Waste Control Boxer Brief

2. Adult Jumping Ball

3. NFL Wine Shoe Holder

4. Hiccural Hiccup Stick

5. NFL Forest Face

6. Alien Flying Saucer Statue

7. Knuckle Meat Pounder

8. Retro Cellphone Handsets

9. Hot Dog Leash

10. Folies Bergere Boudoir Stool

11. The Pillow Tie

12. Hand Spa Massager

13. Face Trainer by No No

14. Ultimate Pocket Vest

15. i-Restore Hair Laser

16. Princess Leia Bikini Apron

17. Father/Mother DNA Certificate

18. Cherish Lifelike Baby Doll

19. Telekinetic Obstacle Course

20. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

21. Slumbler Sleeve

22. Personalize Dog Kiss Bracelet

23. Personal Infrared Spa

24. The Human Slingshot

25. Orbitwheels

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