This Woman Wore Different Hats For 365 Days For A Very Important Reason

This is such a beautiful gesture.

On July 30, 2014, Sara Cutting was diagnosed with breast cancer.


She had surgery to remove the tumor and needed to go through 18 weeks of chemotherapy afterward. 

Cutting knew hair loss from chemotherapy was likely. This wasn't easy for her, but instead of mourning the loss of her locks, she decided to turn it into something positive. First, she took control by shaving some crazy hairstyles she may not have ever tried otherwise. Then, she shaved it all off. 

During her treatment, Cutting received help from MacMillian, an organization that helps give support to people affected by cancer. 

To raise awareness about breast cancer and funds for MacMillan, Cutting decided she would start the "365 Day Different Daily Headgear" challenge. For one year, she would try on a new hat or headgear and take a photo of herself in it. She posts the photos to her Instagram and Facebook with a link for people to donate to MacMillian.

And people who followed her story donated — a lot. At the time of press, she had raised $24,090 for MacMillian

While Cutting was able to show her appreciation and raise funds for the organization through this process, the hat challenge also helped her cope with the treatment. "When I was really ill with chemo, it was brilliant because, instead of feeling shit about that, I was thinking about what to put on my head," she told Buzzfeed. Her oncologist recognized this as a displacement exercise and Cutting agreed it was. 

We admire her courage to face chemo with positivity. 

Check out some of her amazing hats and headgear below:

(H/T: Buzzfeed

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