'The Circle Of Life' Sung Only With Human Voices And Body Percussion Is Almost Better Than The Original

So beautiful.

The Lion King is a movie most of us grew up with and hold close to our hearts. Each song is pretty magical, and you probably even know all the words. 

"I'm gonna be a mighty king
So enemies beware
Well, I've never seen a king of beasts
With quite so little..." 

But there's one song that's particularly bone-chillingly beautiful. You know the one we're talking about... 

"The Circle of Life," duh.

The slow vocal build up and then the crescendo or voices and instruments with all the animals coming together to honor the newborn prince is enough to make grown men cry. 

But something almost as beautiful as the original is YouTuber and singer Sam Robson's a cappella rendition of the song. In his video, he records himself several times performing each part, making the entire song with only his voice and body for percussion. 

Check it out:

In his YouTube video description he says," As a kid I remember seeing The Lion King and being blown away by it. Many years later I had the idea to arrange Circle of Life but bailed, due to its challenging nature. However five years on from my previous idea, I decided to give it one more push, and I'm really happy that I did." 

The multitrack features 50 voices being played all at one time, and it's truly beautiful. 


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