She Makes 3D Paintings On Her Girlfriend's Back, Creating Optical Illusions That Are So Trippy


20-year-old Natasha Farnsworth takes romance to a whole new level by using her girlfriend's body as her canvas. 

The artist uses acrylic to create mesmerizing 3D paintings on her girlfriend's skin that look like etched on optical illusions. She inspired by artists she follows on Instagram, such as "1010," as well as photos she sees that she finds captivating. Looking at one of Fansworth's pieces is like catching a glimpse of another world, as her paintings are pretty trippy. 

Plus, how romantic is it to transform your loved one's bare skin into a beautiful work of art? 

"My girlfriend loves both being painted on and looking at the finished product," Farnsworth told A Plus. "Most of the time, she doesn't know what I'm painting until I show her at the very end so it's really fun for her in that way."  

Farnsworth shares her body paintings and other artworks on her Instagram


Take a look at some of the things she painted on her girlfriend's back:

1. Tunnels

2. Galaxies

3. Waterfalls

4. A slithering snake

5. A starry night

6. Paradise

7. Cracks

(H/T: Cosmopolitan


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