Husband Makes A Video Compilation Of Himself Teasing His Pregnant Wife. He's Lucky She Has A Sense Of Humor.

"Oh shut up."

If there's one thing you should never do, it's mess with a pregnant lady. Mike Wilson doesn't seem to get that.

Wilson recently shared a video on his YouTube channel featuring a compilation of himself "harassing" his very pregnant wife. As he openly admits, he might have taken it a step too far in some situations. But the video is still pretty hilarious.

"Most pregnant women do NOT like to hear those words, 'How you feeling??'" Fortunately our family have a good sense of humour," Wilson explains on his YouTube channel. "This video was created in good humour. Ladies….. be gentle :) In all honesty. She did an amazing job, and I couldn't even begin to imagine what the pain felt like."

As some YouTube users pointed out in the comments section, this man might have deserved more than just a slap, and his wife is practically a saint for putting up with him.

Scroll down to watch the entire video.


"A game of Twister?" Wilson asks his heavily pregnant wife.

"How are you feelin'?"

A little push?

"This is thirsty work."

Watch the entire video below.

Oh hey, little mate!

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