Moms Get Hooked Up To Lie Detectors And Asked Uncomfortable Questions. Their Kids Can Barely Handle It.

"Mom, have you ever broken the law?"

Every kid has told little white lies to his or her parents. 

Yes, I brushed my teeth already.
Yes, I'm done with my homework.
Yes, I went home right after school.

But are kids the only ones who don't always tell the whole truth?

The video below, released by Distractify, puts this question to the test.

Seven mothers are wired up to lie detectors while their kids get to ask a bunch of questions. Let's just say that some of these questions are a bit uncomfortable.

"Two or three," one of the moms answers when her daughter asks her how many times she had a one night stand.

The lie detector reveals that this mom might not be telling the truth. 

Lesson learned, kids. You never know what our own moms might be hiding up their sleeves. Which in some weird way, makes them even cooler.

Watch the entire video below.


Dear moms, it's totally OK to lie to us from time to time.

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