Artist Sculpts Her Hair Into Hands, And It's Powerful, And 'Dope,' And Funny, And Everything In Between

We can't wait to see what she does next!

While some of us may struggle just to get our hair into the perfect pony, one artist is sculpting her hair into gorgeous masterpieces sure to impress. 

Laetitia Ky, a self-described art addict and aspiring fashion designer has released a series of Instagram photos featuring her hair in the wildest, coolest styles, mimicking hand poses and other movements. For instance, in one image, her hair looks like a second set of arms, strumming a guitar.

But Ky's work is more than just a cool hairstyle; it's a powerful form of expression. She tells A Plus in an email that a Black woman's hair and hairstyle has long been looked at as "not pretty enough."

"And with the return of natural hair to the Black community, hairstyles [have] become a beauty asset, a way of self-affirmation and [a] claim of its beauty. To use [these] hairstyles as means of expression is, therefore, [powerful] because it speaks to all its Black women who have had, for a long time, made believe that their hair was not dope enough," she says. 


In a video shared on Facebook, Ky showcases one of her hair works with the caption, "When they say it's Photoshop," proving it's just the opposite. 

When asked what inspired her to sculpt her hair in the first place, Ky points to another Instagram series she saw over a year ago, presenting past hairstyles worn by women in some African tribes. 

"These were really impressive and artistic. And it made me want to use the hairstyle as one of my means of expression," she said. 

Now Ky has over 13,000 Instagram followers, with each photo generating a large amount of likes and comments. 

"You are so cool and beautiful," one person commented on the below image. 

"Your creativity is soooo inspirational!!! Love it!!!" another adds.

Ky says that her hair art is only one way to express herself, and she hopes to launch a clothing brand in the future.

"I have enormous passion, and I intend to express myself on several levels in the future," she adds. 

Check out some of our favorite photos from Ky's feed below and find more on her Instagram here. We can't wait to see what she creates next!

(H/T: Bored Panda


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