There's No Stopping This World Beatbox Champion, And This Video Is Proof

"Heard by many, felt by all."

New York City's Kaila Mullady is the 2015 World Beatbox Champion as well as the current American Vice Beatbox Champion. Additionally, she is a three-time, reigning Beatrhyme Champion and, clearly, it's all well-deserved.

In regards to her craft, Mullady writes on her website:


"Some people say it's farting through microphone. I say it’s complete freedom of expression. I feel it, I think it, I do it. It is the universal language spoken through melodies. A magic trick full of auditory illusion. Heard by many, felt by all."

When Nina Friend at The Huffington Post tweeted at Mullady asking about defying norms in a male-dominated field, Mullady responded:

Right on.

And in a recent video for Swissbeatbox, a YouTube channel that captures and shares beatboxing clips from talented artists all over the world, Mullady shows off her talent in an epic display of beatboxing...

Watch Mullady's kick-ass video below:

And it looks like she's got something really cool in the works:

And we're excited, too.

Check out Swissbeatbox's YouTube channel for more and check out Mullady's website here.

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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