This Preschooler Is The Embodiment Of Mixed Emotions On The First Day Of School

Yup, been there.

School is starting for kids all across the country and with new beginnings comes new excitement, but also some fears and anxiety. 

And when 4-year-old Andrew Macias was interviewed by a KTLA 5 News reporter on the first day of pre-kindergarten at City Terrace Elementary School, all the emotions came rushing out. First, he seems confident and happy, saying he was excited about the first day of school.


But things took a turn when the reporter asked if he will miss his mommy.

The moment is adorable and also so relatable to those still in school, experiencing mixed emotions and to everyone else who remember those days all too well. 

KTLA 5's video description states that the little boy's mother was right there off-camera to give her son a big hug seconds later. 

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