17-Year-Old Teen Makes Insane Desserts, And We Just Can't

Can he cater my life, please?

Teenagers seem to be getting more and more impressive by the day, and Jonathan Massad is definitely no exception. 

The 17-year-old from Australia has turned his passion for baking into a business and drool-worthy Instagram sensation. His own dessert line Sugar High Desserts is filled with iconic treats that look almost too perfect to eat. 


Massad's passion for baking started when he was an 11-year-old. "I would always buy Betty Crocker cake mixes and use some of my favorite chocolates to decorate," he told HelloGiggles. (Teen prodigies, they're just like us!) "This passion has always lived as a hobby until I established Sugar High Desserts around a year and a half ago and the results have been overwhelmingly surprising."

The teen has definitely come a long way since his cake box days. His desserts are equal parts creative and sophisticated. 

Check out some of his amazing creations below:

1. Toffee apple and donut cake

2. "Sugar High Galaxy" cake

3. Bubblegum flavored fudge pops and doughnuts with pink sprinkles

4. White chocolate and freeze-dried raspberry fudge pops

5. Snickers cup

6. Dessert spoons

7. White chocolate and raspberry trifle cups

8. Coconut ice fudge pops

9. Ferero Nutella cheesecake

(H/T: HelloGiggles)  

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