Feminist Artist Creates Body Positive Illustrations All Women Can Appreciate

"Allow yourself to feel all the feelings."

If you need a little reminder that you're a bad*ss woman, who doesn't need to meet any expectations but your own, you're going to absolutely love artist Joanna Thangiah's work

Thangiah creates pastel-colored illustrations that feature women of different body types coupled with feminist, body positive inspirational quotes. Her colorful works serve as a reminder to all that confidence comes from within. 

"I initially started illustrating whilst I was in recovery from an eating disorder, as a way to help me love and accept my body, as well as help me deal with being diagnosed with a string of mental illnesses," Thangiah told Bustle. "I was also in a turbulent relationship, which made me feel worthless and powerless. Drawing was the only thing that made me feel better about my situation, and it did give me the power to finally escape."

Now, she uses her illustrations to empower other women by sharing them on her Instagram


Check out some of her amazing artwork and messages below:

1. "You don't need to put other people down to reaffirm your life. If your choices work for you that is amazing!"

2. "Change because you want to, not because it's what society expects from you."

3. "We need to stop being so damn mean to ourselves!"

4. "Just because someone is nice to you does not mean they want to have sex with you."

5. "My body my rules."

6. "There is nothing wrong with taking pride in your body."

7. "Take your catty competitiveness elsewhere!"

8. "Allow yourself to feel all the feelings."

9. "You are worthy and do not need to validate yourself to anyone."

10. "There is nothing wrong with vulnerability."

11. "If your sentence starts off with 'no offence but...' just don't say it."

12. "Don't allow the media's definition of beauty hold you back from being you."

13. "You have the power to be your own hero."

(H/T: Bustle)


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