James Comey’s 9-Year-Old Neighbor Had The Sweetest Reaction To News Of His Dismissal

Abby Grace thought the FBI Director needed a special treat, especially after this week.

Losing your job does not make for a great week. Losing your job and then having it be the biggest news story of the week makes for a really not great week.

9-year-old Abby Grace felt like her neighbor, former FBI Director James Comey, was having one of those weeks when she noticed the reporters continually gathered at the end of his driveway. According to Abby Grace's mom, she thought this wasn't very "hospitable," and decided to write Comey a note and wrap him up some fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies.  

"We are proud to be your neighbor and thank you for all you have done for America. Love: Abby Grace" she wrote, according to WUSA9. 


Her mom continues the story, in a text to NPR reporter Mara Liasson:

"Well - either a 9 year old in a parochial school uniform dress doesn't look very threatening- or the smell of the choc chip cookies was so good that the security detail could smell them from the other side of the gate .... in either case, Abby Grace just hand delivered a dozen cookies fresh from the oven. She walked up, shook the hand of the 6'10" agent, introduced herself, and, hopefully made Director Comey's day a little bit better!" 

Comey hasn't been the first government employee who the public thought could use some cheering up. In March, boxes of cards and thank you notes were delivered to the office of the Environmental Protection Agency.   

"We've spent a lot of time talking about how kindness and empathy are the most important ways for us to engage [with] people regardless of if we agree with or understand their positions," Abby Grace's mom wrote. "In [Director] Comey's case, Abby said 'I wanted him to know we respect him for his career of service.'"

Cover image via Amanda Lucidon / White House Archives

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