Internet Rallies As April The Giraffe (Finally) Gives Birth

Over the past few months, the pregnant giraffe has amassed an online following of millions.

Over 1 million people watched in somewhat nauseated awe as April the giraffe, who for months has captivated Internet audiences through a livestream of her pregnancy, gave birth Saturday morning

Since February, Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York has been broadcasting the giraffe's everyday life, at times, to a daily audience of 5 million people around the world. The pregnancy is the first for the park, but the fourth for April, who zookeepers had initially predicted would give birth sometime between mid-January and mid-February. 

When February and March passed without any sign of a baby giraffe, some viewers speculated the pregnancy was a hoax while the BBC referred to the livestream as the "most anticipated birth since Prince George."

However, when a zoo spokesperson announced that April "was in active labor" Saturday morning, users flocked to the livestream and then to social media to offer their congratulations to April and her new calf. 


Buzzfeed reported that April and her new baby boy are doing fine. "Everything went absolutely perfect," a zookeeper said. "We couldn't have planned it better."

The zoo is expected to hold a contest select a name for the giraffe. 


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