Turns Out, Tape Is The Solution To Your Contouring Woes


Nailing the perfect contour is one of those things that takes tons of practice with many, many tries. If done correctly, it can make your face look absolutely flawless. Good thing we just discovered a method that could get you there sooner. 

You (yes, you!) can become a contouring pro with this very simple trick. And, even if your contour game is already on point, this tip can help make it a little easier. 

The answer to all your contouring woes is tape. 

Beauty blogger and makeup artist Huda Kattan posted a short video on Instagram that shows how you can use the stuff as the "easiest way to contour your face!" 

She uses tape to create a contouring template right on her face. She applies it to her cheekbones, the bridge of her nose, her jawline, and her forehead. Then she applies bronzer in between the tape on her cheeks, above the tape on her forehead, below the tape on her jawline, and in between the tape on her nose. Next, she peels the tape to reveal fine bronzed lines. This makes it much easier to see where you need to add your highlighter. 

Finally, blend it all together and voilà! You've got a perfectly symmetrical contoured face. 


Watch how she does it in the video below:

Need more step-by-step instruction? Check out the video below:

Now go grab some tape and give this a try.



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