This 'Google' Site Can't Actually Predict Your Future But It Still Makes A Valuable Point

The fake fortuneteller is hoping to raise awareness of a very real issue.

A "Google" website is promising to predict a user's future in order to make an important statement about a population whose future continues to be less and less clear.

Called "Google Fortunetelling," the site, which is unaffiliated with the search engine, invites visitors to ask a question about the future. When text is added to the search bar, the site automatically completes the inquiry with questions such as "Where can I find a safe place?" and "Will I be reunited with my family?"


Screenshot / Google Fortunetelling

Users are then directed to a page with the statement "Of course we can't predict your future!" written across the top with information about the site's real intention below.

The site explains: 

But 60 million refugees ask themselves every day if they have a future at all. So we used a fake Google site to get your attention because apparently you were interested in your own future. Please take a moment to think of their future. 
Syrian children at a refugee camp in Suruc. Procyk Radek / Shutterstock

As politicians work to close U.S. borders to refugees, the future of those affected by what has been called the world's worst humanitarian crisis remains uncertain now more than ever. 

"We started this campaign because we wanted to create awareness about this big problem in Europe," Jort Boot, one of the creators of the site told Inverse. "We tried to let people feel that their own future at this moment is not more important than the future of a refugee." 

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Cover image via Procyk Radek / Shutterstock

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