Workers Who Lost Their Jobs Without Warning Received A Generous Offer

Kindness saves the day.

College student Mia Petrie completed her Sunday shift at Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, a restaurant in Mobile, Alabama. Everything seemed perfectly normal for Petrie and her co-workers. The next morning, while getting ready for her shift, Petrie received an alarming email from the restaurant.


The email said the restaurant was closed and she was without a job.

"They just said effective immediately we're not open anymore. No explanation, nothing. I think it is really disrespectful to not give us a heads up," Petrie said to WPMI.

Other workers at the restaurant discovered that they lost their jobs when they showed up for work and the doors were locked.

There was a notice on the door.

"So many people that work there are single parents and right before Christmas they're like, how am I going to give my kid a Christmas? It's just sad," Petrie said to WPMI.

Reporters from WPMI reached out to the corporate offices for an explanation as to why their workers did not receive any notice about the closing. Cheddar's never gave a specific answer.

Another Cheddar's location in Ohio also closed abruptly the same day.

Foosackly's, another local restaurant in Mobile, noticed the Cheddar's closing and wrote about it in a Facebook post.

"If it's not OK for an employee to quit without 2 weeks notice why is it OK for the company to do so?" they wrote on Facebook.

Foosackly's also did something incredibly kind to the workers at Cheddar's who just lost their jobs.

They are offering a free meal to those displaced workers.

Foosackly's also invited the workers to apply for jobs at their restaurant.



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