One Year After The Paris Attacks, You Can Still Find This Message Of Unity Everywhere You Look

It's simple but perfect.

A year ago today, on November 13, 2015, gunmen linked to the Islamic State opened fire on hundreds of concert-goers at a Paris music venue, one of the last in a series of coordinated attacks across the city that left 130 people dead and many more injured. In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, shell-shocked city dwellers came together to offer aid, shelter, and blood to those affected. Cities around the world took note of Parisians' displays of unity and generosity.

Today, on the anniversary of the attacks, social media users are reporting that billboards in the city of light have had their advertising copy replaced with a familiar message: "fluctuat nec mergitur," a Latin phrase that means "tossed but not sunk." Paris' long-time motto describes an embattled populace that is tossed by the waves but does not sink, that valiantly sails on despite hardships suffered. 

Last November, the phrase became a symbol of the city's refusal to bow to terrorism, and today, on billboards, it stands as tall as ever.

"Paris remembers," the billboards read. "Paris is united."



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