If You're Unhappy With The Election Results, Here's What You Can Do About It

Beyond protesting, there are concrete ways to make a difference.

For weeks to come, there will be many an analysis of the factors that led to Donald Trump's stunning election victory, but what's clear is that it was a rude awakening to much of the country. The anger stoked by Trump's rhetoric during his campaign grew even more strident in the wake of his win, and protests have erupted across the country as outrage at election results spills out onto the streets.

While protests can be catalysts for radical change, it's rare that they bring about immediate transformation in a democracy. Their purpose is far more nuanced, and for those bearing witness to the protests today, it seems that they are only the first step to the long road of resistance and scrutiny over the next four years of a Trump presidency.

Beyond marches and chants on the streets, there are concrete ways to make your voice heard — and one former Congressional staffer wants to help amplify those voices. In a long Twitter thread, Emily Ellsworth tapped into her knowledge from her six-year stint in Congress to share some useful advice on how to make inroads with your representative and shape the decisions that affect your community.

"I saw that people in my Twitter feed were looking for some kind of action to take in the days after the election," she told A Plus. "I thought that my experience as a Congressional staffer would give some insight about what it's like to work in those offices."

Ellsworth's advice is basically to call their district offices, show up at town hall meetings, get to know staffers and help them understand your concerns, and focus on working on the issues you really care about. And for those looking to truly become engaged and involved, it's a promising start.

Read her full thread on Twitter: 


A Plus has reached out to Ellsworth for comment.

Cover image via Clarissa-Jan Lim


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