You'll Be On The Edge Of Your Seat As You Watch This Duck Family Dodge Traffic On A Busy Highway


Why did the ducks cross the road?


Who knows. But the reason must have been super important for them to risk their lives crossing a busy highway near Toronto, Ontario.  

The mother duck led her row of ducklings out onto the highway. No fear.

But it gets worse. 

As the brave family ventures farther out into the road, their encounters with fast-moving cars get closer and closer. 

Watching it happen is enough to make one's heart race with fear. 

Will they make it? We're sitting at the edge of our seats.

The footage of the event was recorded in 2012, but is still an important reminder to always keep an eye on the road for unexpected visitors. 

Watch the drama play out here:

(H/T: Daily Flicks and Picks

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