These Dogs Played Dress Up And Their Outfits Were So Cute It Hurts

You need to follow this Instagram ASAP.

Feel like it's too soon to be bombarded with Halloween costumes when it's not even October yet? Well, pups Digby van Winkle and his brother, Aloysius, have been prepping for the day all year. 

The pair share an adorable Instagram account that has amassed more than 298,000 followers. They dress up in tons of different costumes proving that a day in the life of a doggie never has to be boring. 

If you need some Halloween costume inspiration or just need some extra cheering up today, these precious pups are bound to do the trick. 


Seriously, Digby dressed as an Ewok is probably the best doggie costume we've ever seen:

But check out some other amazing costumes these adorable pups have sported:

1. Perspective first date

2. Tortilla

3. Cupcake

4. Batman

5. Pilot

6. Instagram

7. Construction worker

8. Toast

9. Police officer

10. Basketball player

11. Flower

12. Ghost

13. Spider

14. Photographer

15. Director

16. Horse

17. Dragon

(H/T: PopSugar)

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